The company name, Theo Inc., is borrowed from Theo van Gogh  who was a younger brother of Vincent van Gogh.  Theo Inc aims to be; a suporter, a dealer, a partner for Artists.​ Theo Inc. is organized in two part: Software Develop Company (mobile application) , and Art Gallery.  
Theo develops mobile application for artists to promote their art works and to brand them.
The Art Gallery [Theo Art] does exhibitions and participates worldwide art fairs.

Opening Hours :  Monday ~ Sunday: 10 am ~ 7pm
Make an appointment : director@theo20.com

주소: 서울특별시 서초구 강남대로 97길 27 1층

*신사점으로 갤러리 ​확장이전 하였습니다. 예약 및 방문 시 착오 없으시길 바랍니다.

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Andy Warhol, David Gerstein, Charles Fazzino, Natan Elkanovich, Uri Dushy

2021.07.21 - 08.18


[LG매거진_일상비일상의틈] 영감의 홈타운, 다채로운 색과 갖가지 오브제,가구가 어우러져 흰빛을 낸다는 건 그만큼 사람과 공간이 완변하게 어우러졌다는 의미일 터다.....